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Our transport services

CLM Trans is specialised in the transport of liquid food as well as general goods and pharma all across Europe.
Our skilled staff is trained according to the highest safety and quality standards, and they operate an up-to-date fleet that is tailored to this modes of transport.
Having this in consideration CLM Trans proudly offers 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year transport services at the highest standards.

diary transport

Milk and derivates from milk

The milk industry operates 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. When working with dairy products, it almost always means transporting fresh, and therefore perishable, products. Efficiency in the planning of transportation is very important, therefore we are very careful about planning milk and derivates from milk transports.


wines transport

Wine and derivates from wine

Our company can transport up to 3 different types of wine using our multi-chamber food tank trailers.With our up to date tracking system installed in all our trucks, our clients are able to see exactly when the cargo will arrive at their destination. Therefore the companies are able to plan the entire processing process.

juices transport

FruitĀ  & vegetable juices, concentrate to fresh

It is known that juices require juice safety control standards for which our comoany with the right equipment ensures the guaranteed quality of the juices transported. With our fleet capabilities large quantities of fruit juices are transported to producers in Europe using our temperature controlled and sterile transportation tanks.

oils transport

Vegetable oils and derivates

Every day large quantities of vegetable oils and fats are produced globally and shipped all around Europe. They are used, among other uses, as raw materials in the food industry. Clm Trans plays an important role in transporting vegetable oils and fats from various ports to food industry facilities across Europe.

chocolate transport

Chocolate products, cocoa butters, lecithin

CLM Trans transports the essential raw materials for chocolate bars such as cocoa and lecithin from all European countries to producers.We use temperature-controlled tanks to ensure that your product retains its high quality all the way to its destination. Our tankers are also fitted with special heavy-duty pumps that we can use to unload thick products .

glucose fructose transport

Glucose, fructose and liquid sugar

CLM Trans has been transporting all types of liquid sugar to a wide variety of destinations across Europe. This part of the food logistics industry has special demands on transport companies, in order to ensure the high quality of the product while it is being transported from producer to processor.

general goods transport

Pharmaceutical products transport

Beeing such a sensitive field, CLM Trans has adapted its fleet to meet European standards in pharmaceutical products transportation. Our pharma trucks with cold trailers connect manufacturing sites and delivery points across Europe.

general goods transport 1

General goods transport

Transporting general goods all across Europe has been an important part of our company. From North Europe to southern parts, from Eastern Europe to western parts, CLM Trans has always met the demands of different companies transporting general goods all across Europe.